GVariant for prez!

Hello Everyone!

I'm proposing GVariant for inclusion in glib this cycle.

I've created a 'gvariant' branch of glib and pushed it to the official repository.

For those who don't know what GVariant is, please see the announcement email here:


GVariant is currently used by GBus and dconf/GSettings. It has general usefulness to anyone who wants to do any of the following things:

  - send structured data over network sockets

  - save structured data to disk

  - efficiently deserialise this data (particularly out of mmaped
    regions; only as much is faulted in as is needed; this makes it
    great for icon/schema/font/etc type cache files)

  - do anything with dbus, really.

The type system, of course, is that of DBus.

I love your feedback.  Please give it all to me.


ps: sorry for the delay :)

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