client side windows branch now in gnome git

The client side windows code is now availible in the client-side-windows
branch of gtk+ on, rebased on the latest version of gtk+.

I've updated the code pointers on and the status listed
there is pretty much up to date.

We now have a somewhat working OSX backend (don't know the exact status
of it) and some initial work on getting the win32 backend to build.

I think whats needed now, apart from the TODOs listed on the wiki is:

* Get the win32 and OSX backends up to the X11 backend standard
* test the branch in daily use, so we can find all the bugs
* Write some docs on how this is supposed to work so that people can
start reviewing the code

So, go play with it. It should be much easier to do now, with it being
it the official repository, based on the official git tree.

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