Re: GObject-Introspection 0.5.0

2008/9/7 Paolo Bonzini <bonzini gnu org>:
>>> I'm leaning towards using the "ownership" terminology instead of "transfer".
>>> typedef enum {
>>>    GI_OWNERSHIP_CALLER, /* caller owns it, caller should free it after use */
>>>    GI_OWNERSHIP_CALLEE  /* callee owns it, caller should leave it as it is */
>>> } GITypeOwnership;
>> Just as a nitpick, these two names look very similar and quite confusing
>> for non-native English speakers.  Maybe you could come up with something
>> different, especially in place of 'callee'?
> It's actually commonly-used terminology, e.g. "caller-save registers"
> vs. "callee-save registers" in compilers.

With all due respect I am not sure compiler-writers are the main
audience of GObject Introspection. I for one find the terminology a
bit confusing too.


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