glib on Symbian

I am a developer working for Symbian. We have ported glib to the Symbian OS and wish to contribute the changes back to the main codeline. We had talked to Tim Janik and Dave Neary regarding this and they recommended the changes be split up into smaller patches and be submitted to either of bugzilla or the mailinglist.

There is one more issue that needs addressing. The Symbian OS emulator does not support global static data in libraries. We found a fair amount of global static data in the code and to work around these, we have symbian specific code inserted within '#ifdef SYMBIAN32' . The problem here is that these changes are peppered throughout the code and rack up nearly 2000 lines of changed code. Without these changes, glib will not work on the Symbian OS emulator.

I am looking for your opinions regarding how to handle this particular changeset.

Thanks & Regards,

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