Re: Fixing EMail Addresses in GLib/Gtk+ bugzilla components

On Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 11:22:59AM -0200, Johan Dahlin wrote:
> a) We *always* use gtk-bugs gtk org as "QA Contact" for components.
> b) We *always* use a @gnome.bugs alias as the "Default Assignee" for
> all Gtk+ components, using
> a standard, for instance: %product%-%component%-maint gnome bugs 

Note that you could also do e.g.:
1. default assignee of @gnome.bugs for assignee + qa contact
2. Make gtk-bugs gtk org watch the @gnome.bugs stuff

However, this means that when someone requests a new dummy assignee, the
dummy should be added to the watch list of gtk-bugs gtk org 


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