Fixing EMail Addresses in GLib/Gtk+ bugzilla components

Hey All.

Christian Dywan just pointed out to me that bugzilla-subscribing to
gtk-bugs gtk org is not good enough to receive all Gtk+ related bug
report emails.
A little investigation [1] shows that most components look like this:

Component | Description		| Default Assignee | QA Contact
 gdk	  | GTK+ drawing kit	| gtk-bugs gtk org | gtk-bugs gtk org
 gtk   	  | GTK+ widgets ...    | gtk-bugs gtk org | gtk-bugs gtk org

Some however have people assigned:

 input-methods | Input method support in GTK+ | hidetoshi tajima sun com | gtk-bugs gtk org

Some a QA-Contact:

 GtkFileChooser | The widget for file selection | gtk-bugs gtk org | federico ximian com

And some have bogus addresses:

 GtkBuilder | Constructing interfaces from XML | gtk-gtkbuilder-maint gnome bugs | gtk-gtkbuilder-maint gnome bugs

To allow reliable subscription to all GLib/Gtk+ bugs, I suggest that:

a) We *always* use gtk-bugs gtk org as "QA Contact" for components.

b) We use "Default Assignee" in cases where individuals will tackle
   the majority of bug reports for a particular component.

c) We don't use *any* fake gnome.bugs addresses, i.e. just let
   "Default Assignee" default to gtk-bugs gtk org if none signed up.



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