Re: Theme patriation

On Mon, 2008-10-27 at 11:44 +0100, Steve Frécinaux wrote:
> Ross Burton wrote:
> > Adding _NET_WM_CONTEXT_TOOLBAR sounds like it should be fairly simple to
> > do, especially with a GTK+ utility function to mark a toolbar as the
> > "main" toolbar.
> The same can be done for menu-bar for os-x-likeness addicts.

Have you checked out the latest 
> By the way, this could be solved easily using a GtkAppWindow gobject 
> that would handle commonly-looking applications windows like the 
> libgnome equivalent (was it GnomeApplication ?) did. It looks damn 
> simple: a menubar, a toolbar, a content area and a statusbar, and the 
> implementation can be different on different os to comply easily with 
> those (for instance, the osx impl could just not display the main 
> menubar in the window, etc).

There is already a working implementation for mac style menu on Gtk.
Check out

Not to get too far off topic, but this reminds me about how enthusiastic
I was about a GtkApplication class. IIRC ebassi had some prototype code
for this. I believe the idea was that it should/could depend on the
guniqueapp stuff for single instance apps. It could also take care of
some of the session management duties, optionally saving window
position, etc.

To me it seems like the correct place to put things like a default
client side implementation of apps drawing their own windows.


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