Re: Theme patriation

On Sun, 2008-10-26 at 18:38 -0400, Thomas Thurman wrote:
> Do you think this is a good plan?

Yes. I think making the window decoration code available to apps is a
Good Thing(tm); without that it's going to be hard for enterprising app
writers (e.g. those who dare to question the establishment) to move from
proof of concept to something usable; e.g. icanhasedit [1] comes to

Also, FWIW, I'm a little bit annoyed about some of the responses to your
mail; it seems there's some confusion (I might even call it stop energy
on a bad day) from the readership. I'd just go ahead and JFDI.

Personally, I don't think making available the window decoration code
implies we're switching GtkWindow to use client side decorations
overnight; I think all we're talking about is making a library with a
MetacityClientSideDecoratedWindow class (that subclasses GtkWindow)
available and app authors, like Ryan, can use that to innovate.

However, if client-side decorations turns out to be a Good Thing(tm),
and FWIW I *think* it might, I think we can at least talk about
integrating these bits into GTK+ proper (and then we can discuss *how*
and whether client side decorations are on by default). But I don't
think that is what is being proposed right now. Right?


[1] :

ps. My lolcatz fu is weak but shouldn't it be icanhazedit instead?

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