Tip Pressure events

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I you decide this is the wrong place to send this, PLEASE, tell me, I'll be
perfectly happy to resend it.  I really need some help from someone who knows
the server side of GTK and/or GDK better than I do.

I'm trying to finish a driver I've written for a UCLogic tablet, but I'm having
a big problem getting it to work correctly in the two apps I'm trying to test
with, which are Gimp, and the mono app named Xinput.exe.  If you have any other
suggestions on how to test, I'm listening, believe me.  I've also been using xev
and xinput.

The problem is that I can't get the Tip Pressure to be recognized.  "xinput
test" recognizes all 3 axes and the 2 buttons (I don't have huge experience with
this, but it seems correct, and compares well with the results from testing my
own mouse).  I have this additional reason to think that the actual Tip Pressure
is really entering Gimp: if I activate the driver in the Xinput extension
devices config window, and set the X axis to come from the third valuator, then
the X indicator in the horizontal window moves along with how hard I beat down
on the Tip.  If I disable the driver in that config window, I can't get that
input redirection to work.

If I disable the Tablet driver in that same Xinput extension device
configuration window, then 2 axis eem to wrk ok, and 2 buttons seem to work, but
none of the Gimp-tool cursors (like the one for pencil) appear, and drawing is
impossible.  Lastly, the bottom of that conf window announces that there aren't
any extended input devices, which my Xorg.conf definitely disagrees with.
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