Patch biohazard report, Nov 18th

Hello Gtk+ people,

time for another Bio Hazard!

Low hanging fruits:

- Bug 558325 – Tutorial link in FAQ is broken

    * + Tiny string replacement 

- Bug 560189 – GtkScale doesn't allow minimum size

    * + Straightforward, new style properties 

- Bug 560671 – the client_message API doesn't work in DirectFB

    * + Straightforward patch 

- Bug 539263 – Deprecate gdk_window_get_toplevels

    * + Simple patch, towards multi head safe API 

A little decision is needed, the patches are easy:

- Bug 558659 – In mousewheel event, do horizontal scroll when no
  vertical scroll is available in a gtkscrolledwindow

    * + Small patch, works fine, do we want it? 

- Bug 123498 – GtkFontSelection should localize style list

    * + Intuitive, not perfect but effective 

- Bug 391179 – font selection dialog needs color option

    * + Provisional patch, is the patch worth finishing off? 

- Bug 511154 – gtk statusbar frame omits the resize grip

    * + Revert or not to revert, that's the question 

Something more exciting, for the really ambitious hackers:

- Bug 554407 – directfb backend does not implement GdkWindowImpl

    * + Do a good deed, help fixing the DirectFB backend in 2.14/ trunk 

- Bug 556706 – Inconsistent help arguments -h, -?

    * + Straightforward patch, improvement needed 

- Bug 406731 – Simplify multi-threaded apps using a single GUI thread

    * + Could use insight of a savvy hacker 

Today's special guest is GtkIconEntry, everyone is welcome to review
the API and test it before it goes in:

- Bug 85292 – add an icon to gtkentry

    * + Work in progress, review appreciated 

And for your convenience, all of the bugs in one go, powered by[1]:,560189,560671,539263,558659,123498,391179,511154,554407,556706,406731,85292

Go ahead, reject and accept patches, have fun.



PD: You can see the wiki page if you want to check past
issues, help or just check some bugs. 

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