Announcing Seed-0.1. GObject-Javascript bridge.

After a significant dearth of sleep, I'm happy to announce the first
release of Seed.

Tarballs can be found at:, in short, is a bridge between WebKit's JavaScriptCore, and GObject(through GObject-introspection), suitable for writing standalone
applications, and easily extending a GNOME application to be scripted in
JavaScript. I use the word bridge, because Seed contains no library
specific code, and (inexpensively) generates bindings at runtime based on 
introspection data for a library. For those who have not been keeping up
with introspection, libraries which have been tested to work well with
introspection and Seed range from GLib, GTK, Clutter or Webkit, to
Poppler, Gio, Pango or Babl. 

0.1 is an initial release, however, it includes a wide number of
small-program examples, tests, some documentation, and a fair amount of
"niftyness" which begins to highlight how I believe it could become a
desirable platform for development. In short, it's already a quite usable 
piece of code.

It provides, in addition to the base things expected from a language
binding, a fair amount of integration between JavaScript syntax/features, 
and the GNOME platform. It is however important to note, Seed itself
contains no platform (and neither does JavaScript, with the exception of
Date objects and Regex), and has exclusively the goal of integrating with 
the already quite large GNOME platform.

At this point, interested parties, are directed at, and the examples/ folder in the tarball, for more specifics. A page with some minimal release notes (and recent debian packages for webkit, etc...), is available at (
All contributors to this release:
Robert Carr <carrr rpi edu>
Tim Horton <hortont424 gmail com>
Matthew Arsenault <aresnm2 rpi edu>

Also thanks to the RPI Center For Open Source software at my school, for
funding us as a research project.

There will be a bugtracker soon. Feel free to contact me with questions,
by email, or in #seed on GNOME irc.
Robert Carr.

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