Patch biohazard report, Oct 03rd

Hello Gtk+ people,

time for another Bio Hazard!

Low hanging fruits:

- Bug 377699 – realizing gtk.Progress() causes SEGV
  + Make GtkProgress an abstract type, can we do that?

- Bug 554567 – warning fixes (missing format specifiers and NULL vs 0)
  + Straightforward patch adding format specifiers to g_warning style

- Bug 535557 – gdk_window_set_icon_name should accept NULL to unset
  + Small, straightforward patch

- Bug 447840 – $XDG_DATA_HOME/themes is not inspected for installed
  + Straightforward patch, applies fine on trunk

- Bug 558325 – Tutorial link in FAQ is broken
  + Easy patch, just a string replacement

- Bug 442297 – Submenu placement uses stale requisition for calculations
  + Trivial patch, review needed, is this a good approach?

A little decision is needed, the patches are easy:

- Bug 144500 – When desktop_is_home_dir, file dialogs still show
  + Simple patch, needs a decision if it's the right approach

- Bug 74291 – Feature request: gdk_pixbuf_new_from_raw_data ()
  + Convenience function, needs an API decision

- Bug 558659 – In mousewheel event, horizontal scroll when no vertical
  scroll available
  + Trivial patch, do we want this?

Something more exciting, for the really ambitious hackers:

- Bug 536229 – Improve themability of the notebook scrolling gap
  + Very much mature patch, could be done with a final review

- Bug 539907 – Improve GtkHButtonBox allocation < requisition behaviour
  + Advanced patch, with testcase, needs review

And for your convenience, all of the bugs in one go, powered by[1]:,144500,377699,447840,535557,554567,556835,558325,536229,539907,442297,558659

Go ahead, reject and accept patches, have fun.



PD: You can see the wiki page if you want to check past
issues, help or just check some bugs.

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