Re: problem finding the position of a button in the gtk dialog ( sample code inside )

On Wed, 2008-05-07 at 11:33 +0530, chirag juneja wrote:

> approach i am using is :
> i will find the distance of the button from its parent, and then its
> parent's distance form its parent .. and so on, till i get toplevel
> window.
> then i am adding the decoration's height, border's width and distance
> of top level window from origin of root window(0,0).

That's a lot of overkill :)  You can simply do

get_absolute_position (GtkWidget *widget, int *ret_x, int *ret_y)
  GdkWindow *parent;
  int parent_x, parent_y;

  parent = gtk_widget_get_parent_window (widget);
  gdk_window_get_origin (parent, &parent_x, &parent_y);

  *ret_x = parent_x + widget->allocation.x;
  *ret_y = parent_y + widget->allocation.y;


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