Gtk+ stock-icons how r they supposed 2b installed?

Hello Gtk+ developpers.

The gtk+2.12 (or similar versions) source tree, 
contains the sub directories gtk/stock-icons{16,20,24,32,48}
with rich set of icons.
When building and installing it (using say, prefix=/home/local)
these icons (at least in my case) are _not_ installed.

My questions:

+ What is the 'right' way to install them with non-root privileges
  (using the --prefix) 

+ When running ${prefix}/bin/gtk-demo and activating the 
  'Stock Item and Icon Browser' demo, 
  most of the
        GTK_STOCK_foo -:- gtk-foo 
  have the icon displayed, but a few are missing, such as:
    'gtk-apply', 'gtk-ok', 'gtk-cancel'
  Any reason?
  Where exactly they are being searched for?

Just to clarify, my question are related to Gtk+ _without_ Gnome.

regards -- yotam

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