Visions from the hackweek

Hello Gtk+ Crowd.

Together with Sven Herzberg, I'm currently sitting in an ICE back
to Hamburg and would like to thank everyone for a really productive
week. I think, i couldn't possibly list all the achievements of the
various groups during these days, but thankfully some people have
promised to send short summaries of sessions they attended ;)
(We'll try to put more emphasis on note taking and/or recording
when we do this again.)

Monday morning we started out with a presentation of future visions
around the Gtk+ project and possible ways to enabling them.
We much appreciate the positive feedback we already got in response
and tried to channel that into a document to fill in details about
the presentation:
Original slides:

Further comments are of course welcome, we intend to keep the
document updated as new issues are raised/solved.

Again, big thanks to everyone contributing to a productive week,
especially the organizers and also sponsors that enabled us to
get together and prepare the future of the toolkit that is vital
for so many projects out there.
I sincerely hope we'll manage to realize all the constructive
plans we came up with during this. ;)


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