Animation framework

Dear GTK+ devs,

It seems GTK+ might be in need of animation facilities some day[1], and we have
the same kind of issue[2] in pigment[3]. I was thinking that in this case, it
might be possible to hit two birds with one stone, since both projects are
C/GObject. I have started to design an animation library and do some "API
tests" to see what code using this design would look like. I am still early in
the process and haven't written a "real" line of code yet, but I think it's
time to speak about it. Are there other people here interested in this issue? I
guess so seeing the number of replies to the GtkTimeline bug.

Should we start a wiki page on live.gnome where we could centralise ideas
regarding that?  Personally, I will start programming the API as soon as I have
a satisfying API, but I will be happier if it satisfies more than me. Also, my
employer (Fluendo Embedded) seems to agree that I work on this full time (or
almost), so I will be able to make this advance relatively quickly.

I have also seen that "Animation API" is on the menu[4] of the hackfest
currently taking place. Have there already been discussions on this subject?
What do hackfest attendants think should be done for an animation API?

Also, I have written a blog article explaining some of my thoughts on the




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