Re: simple widget to draw on ?


On Sun, 2008-03-02 at 13:33 -0500, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Hi,
> (Though, I also wonder if there's a bug in either the use of
> DrawingArea or the theme shown in your screenshot; looking at the gtk
> code, the drawing area's background should be set on theme change and
> on realize, so maybe someone is painting over the theme background in
> the expose handler, or the theme just fails to handle drawing area, or
> something.)

At least the newer GNOME themes will do the right thing in this
particular case. To do this the themes currently set the same background
colour on a number of widgets in notebooks (GtkEventBox, GtkDrawingArea,
However, changing the background colour of notebooks is not supported
well in GTK+. The main problem for themes is that often invisible
notebooks are used in eg. configuration dialogs. In these cases the
reverse error can happen as the notebook does not clear the background,
and the windows end up with the notebook background.


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