glib utf8 api

Hi, I'm new to glib, and have questions/comments about
the utf-8 API.

1) There seems to be no good way to strncpy a utf8 string 
into a fixed buffer.  g_strncpy doesn't work, because the 
last character can get truncated causing an invalid string.  
g_utf8_strncpy doesn't work either, because I don't know 
how many characters fit in the buffer.

2) There seems to be no way to create a "best guess" valid
string.  g_utf8_validate is nice and all, but if validation 
fails I still need to create a valid string.  Am I supposed 
to use g_convert_with_fallback() from UTF-8 to UTF-8?

3) If validated utf8 strings are fundamentally different from 
unvalidated strings, shouldn't they use a different C type?

4) What are the developers' reaction to camel_utf8_getc() 
on this page:

Please tell me if I'm missing something.  I'm happy to 
log bug reports as indicated.


Greg Sharp
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