GTK+ Website Review - Listing Core Maintainers


I have been toying with the idea and asking people's opinions on keeping
a list of core maintainers on the new GTK+ website (which will be up for
final review this weekend hopefully).

The idea here is to list people and their affiliation. On the current
pages we list a handful of people which have been highly involved in
some of today's core widgets. This list of contributors is slightly out
of date and could do with some amendments.

What are people's opinions on this?

The plan would be to have something like (excuse the ASCII art):

  Core Maintainers | Affiliation
  Tim Yanik        | Imendio AB
  Matthias Clasen  | Red Hat

I am willing to keep this list up to date being the maintainer for the
GTK+ web pages, however, it would require some notification from the
current core maintainers to know when we should add or remove people
from that list. This is not likely to be often and any one could do it
of course. This list should ideally be suggested and agreed upon by the
core maintainers.

I personally think this is a good idea. The tricky part of course, is
deciding who is on that list. I am sure the core maintainers have a good
idea of who should be included.


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