Re: glib gio win32 directory monitor

Tor Lillqvist wrote:
 I don't know if there's any interest / work in progress on this, but
 noticing that the new Gio implementation lacks a directory monitor for
 windows I wrote one (patch against 2.15.4 attached, should work on
 2.15.5 too)

This is great! I am sure this will gladly be accepted into GLib
sources. (I am not sure about the use of a new "gio/win32" directory,
though. That has not traditionally been done in GLib. But that's of
course just a triviality easy to change.)

Please open a bug report in and attach your source
code there.

I created #517419 for this.

I suppose the directory can be changed but no other name crossed my mind then. Also, it could be linked-in just like the inotify monitor, given that, on windows, ReadDirectoryChangesW is in kernel32.dll
Oh, and I suppose I have to deal with the short filenames bug Ali mentioned.


Vlad Grecescu

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