Re: totem-subtitle-encoding in Empathy

2008/2/11, Guillaume Desmottes <guillaume desmottes collabora co uk>:
> Hi,

> I'd need a charset/encoding configuration widget in Empathy. I copied
> totem-subtitle-encoding.[ch] which does exactly what I mean (great
> work!).
> Problem is, totem is licensed under GPL and we are trying to to port
> Empathy to LGPL (as we plan to push libempathy(-gtk) to the GNOME
> plateform at some point).
> Bastien told me you wrote these 2 files. Would you be ok to re-licence
> them to LGPL or grant an exception to Empathy?

I'll be ok.

But, finally, it seems it should be moved into gtk level[1].

> Thanks.
> Regards,
Have a nice hacking. :)

>         G.


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