Re: Filechooser and Bookmarks spec

Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
On Mon, 2008-02-11 at 17:01 +0100, nf2 wrote:

I just wanted to ask about your plans regarding using a standardized
format for file-management bookmarks.

there is a patch already for the standard gtk+ filesystem backend at:

it will use GBookmarkFile to store the file chooser shortcuts and move
the shortcuts across from the old internal format.

Cool! I think it would be good to switch soon, as KDE4 is pretty fresh.

Nautilus and the
gnome-vfs backend would still need to be ported. since the file chooser
in the next gtk+ stable release will probably use the new GIO/GVFS API,
the gnome-vfs port it's probably useless. it might also make sense to
move the file chooser shortcuts API straight into GIO.

Personally i wouldn't make GIO too feature rich. Particularly cause i'm trying to get it into KDE4 as an optional KIO plugin (and they have their own kbookmarks library).

Or perhaps GIO could be split into two *.so libraries . One for file-management and one for the file chooser shortcuts API, GAppInfo, ...

I think KDE is already using XBEL for this, and GLib also has an XBEL
parser. Are there any other obstacles than agreeing on the location and
name of such a shared bookmarks file?

when I proposed the desktop bookmarks spec[1], I used
$HOME/.shortcuts.xbel as the proposed storage file for the file selector
shortcuts; this should probably be changed to
$XDG_DATA_DIR/shortcuts.xbel or similar - I have no strong feelings
towards either solutions.

I would opt for $XDG_DATA_DIR/shortcuts.xbel. May i forward your mail to the xdg-list?


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