Re: EggDBus

This sounds wonderful. I have a couple of questions, though I am not
very experienced with D-Bus.

>  o Each D-Bus interface maps to a GInterface

So you can get a GSomething object that is a proxy for D-Bus object,
which implements GInterfaces for each D-Bus interface offered by that

And it discovers all those interfaces at instantiation (or code
generation, though that leaves less runtime flexibility?), without each
interface having to be individually requested asynchronously? That would
be nice. 

>    - each D-Bus property maps to
>      - A GObject property, e.g.
>        - com.example.Tweak.SomeReadWritePropety -> 
>          TestTweak:some-read-write-property
>        - C getters and setters (depending on the property access flags)

Isn't D-Bus property getting and setting asynchronous? How can this work
with the non-async g_object_get() function? Or do we need to use extra
getter/setter functions to do this asynchronously?

murrayc murrayc com

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