Re: gtk.HTML class nonexistent [was: Re: [pygtk] Computing optimum size of gtkhtml2.View]

>> What's wrong with using gtk.Label("<b>hello</b>", use_markup=True) ?
>  haven't got a clue - inexperience led me to believe that didn't exist? :)

 ok - couldn't wait until tomorrow.  i found out why it can't be used:
pango markup doesn't support the full syntax of HTML that applications
would expect to use.  < div > and < code > - basic HTML tags - aren't

 also, some apps use the (awful) < a href= "javascript:return false;"
> click here < /a> trick to create a hyperlink, purely to get the
cursor to change to "link".  then they capture "click" signals on the
Label (yes i found out about the trick of creating an Event box around
Labels :).

 python-gtkhtml2 was adequate to support this kind of trick, as is
pywebkitgtk.  Label.set_use_markup would, unfortunately, not do the

 worth exploring, though - thanks sven.


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