Re: Gtk+ Font dialog proposal

On Sun, 2008-08-17 at 02:07 -0300, Henrique Carvalho Alves wrote:

> Full story with details and screenshots:
> Functional prototype in Python/Glade:

It's very unfortunate that you can't filter for serif/sans and so on.
The Monospaced only checkbox means there's no variable-width only. I
think a "Show:" with a Fixed-width and a Variable-width checkbox would
be better.

Moving the size entry to below the list seems like a good idea for the
reason you give: the pre-defined sizes are likely more often used.

Preview area on the top seems backwards to me. It's not the sovereign
but the subject! Using the font name and properties as preview text is
worse than using abcde... . Something along the lines of lorem ipsum or
the quick brown fox with numbers and special characters would be better.
In some, but not all, cases, showing a live preview of the text that
will be affected would be best. Having the text editable and allowing to
switch between alternatives wouldn't hurt.

You might find

Thorsten Wilms

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