Re: When to call g_thread_init(), again...

2008/8/16 Andrew Cowie <andrew operationaldynamics com>:
> At the very least across the rest of the GNOME stack, but if it's a
> behaviour change we want to encourage not just there but beyond, I
> wonder how could we go about incenting library authors to adopt this
> pattern?

I would expect an author of a threaded library to understand the impacts
it could have, if only that author is at least informed that gtk+ will
internal mutexes and do stuff differently when threads are enabled.

Its only a shame that app developers have to deal with this headache,
and that it somehow reflects badly on gtk+ instead of the few ancient
libraries that were culprits of calling g_thread_init() in the first place
(or maybe in old libgnomeui days gdk didnt have the internal lock and
that made it safe ? I dont know that story).

I wonder if its really at the point where we expect people to repeat
this mistake.


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