Re: GLib String support

Am Montag, den 11.08.2008, 12:53 +0100 schrieb adrian.dmc:
> Hi...
> I included the ASCII only version to remove the overhead when dealing
> with lowercasing, uppercasing, decimal or hexadecimal digits and
> things like that from applications that really don't need to bring the
> complexity of Unicode to them. As an example GTK signal strings could
> only use the ASCII only string functions.
> About g_loc..., I completely agree that before using strings in other
> code pages they should be, first, converted to UTF-8. (g_loc_...
> dismissed.)
> Following this g_loc.. approach: what about before converting between
> UTF-8/16/32 use specific functions to validate each encoding forms,
> removing the need to check for invalid code points/surrogate in each
> of the conversion functions.

Hmm... Early validation of our strings, not that stupid. Here some
starting port for brain storming:

        struct _GString
          gchar  *str;
          gsize len;    
          gsize allocated_len;
          gboolean tainted : 1;

Let's add the important g_utf8_ functions to g_string, and let them
operate without validation when tainted is false.


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