Late 2.14 feature request: Installing gtkhsv.h

Hi all,

The GtkHSV widget was originally ported from the GIMP "triangle"
color selector.

Now I've finally managed to port the GIMP color selector
to the GTK widget, since it has become quite a lot better
than the GIMP thing in the meantime (it has keybindings
and antialiasing).

However, the header is not installed, even though its symbols
are public (not prefixed with _)

For now, I added the needed prototypes locally in GIMP,
but that is a gross hack.

I would really really love to make this header public
for 2.14. I also volunteer to do this and make sure
everything works fine.

Also, the thing needs to center itself within its allocation,
I also volunteer to do this little fix.



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