Re: subwindow-less Gtk+ and offscreen windows

On Mon, 2008-08-04 at 23:57 +0200, Lieven van der Heide wrote:
> I don't think that will work, since the user of the gl widget may want
> to change the viewport as well, and the coordinates in glViewport are
> always absolute, not relative to the current one.
> But anyway, would it really be a problem to just have an X window,
> only for widgets that really need it, and let normal GTK widgets,
> like text fields and event boxes do their own clipping?
> I do agree with Alexander that it would make things a lot more
> flexible. I only wouldn't know if it's possible without braking

Not only flexible, but anything that moves us away from XMoveWindow for
GtkLayout and GtkScrolledWindow is a Guaranteed Good Thing.

i wish i could say i was in a position to put 26hrs a day into
implementing Alexander's proposal, because i love it.

note that there cannot be *that* far to go - the quartz backend doesn't
use child windows at all (Quartz/Cocoa has no such concept).


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