Patch biohazard, freeze edition

Hey GTK+ people,

a quick update on last email and new suggestions.

== good news, the following patches are waiting to be committed! ==
[api] Bug 65818 – rename gtk_window_set_default() and add getter for it

[docs] Bug 526575 – Missing return type in
gtk_ui_manager_get_toplevels documentation

[docs] Bug 523950 – GtkTreeModelFilter's visible function may get an empty row

== stuff you might like to get in before monday ==
bad news, this bug breaks the build of some apps and the simple patch
haven't have any review at all:

[build] Bug 536767 – gtksignal.h includes gtk.h

crevette would like us to have awesome new screenshots, but no one has
given him the go:

[docs] Bug 523264 – Update GTK+ reference documentation screenshots

garnacho would like us to have perfectly drawn tabs, but no one has
give his patch a go:

[tabs] Bug 368234 – Incorrect tabs rendering during reorder with rounded themes

== not lazy friendly bugs ==
[docs] Bug 351247 – GtkScrolledWindow is mis documented

And for the ones not that lazy:

[gtkentry] Bug 83935 – GtkEntry's default invisible char should be U+25CF

Go ahead, reject and accept patches, have fun.


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