Re: On Emblems

On Fri, Aug 1, 2008 at 9:23 AM, Clemens Buss <cebuzz gmail com> wrote:

> Also we were talking about the Nautilus support for those EmblemedIcons.
>  At the moment we have the problem that if nautilus would get such an
> emblemed icon for a device it wouldn't be able to add its custom hearts,
> and stars on it.
> Anyway I guess that it is a must to have GEmblemendIcon support in
> nautilus and make it aware of the rendering functionality in gtk for
> emblems.

Yeah, not sure if the gtkicontheme rendering is entirely suitable for nautilus.
It does some more sophisticated things with canvas items, and needs hit
testing, etc.

> Are you(Matthias) possibly already working on a patch for that?
> Otherwise or in any case I would be very interested in working on that...

I'm not, but I'd love to get this mostly sorted out for the release
early next week.

Your api proposal above sounds very reasonable to me.


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