Re: GSoC proposal: gtk+ bindings for prolog

Jean-Yves Lefort wrote:
On Mon, 31 Mar 2008 22:52:09 +0200
Ben Torfs <bentorfs gmail com> wrote:

As a fan of both the prolog programming language and the GTK+ toolkit
(as a user), I was wondering why the GTK page makes no mention of any
prolog bindings. For those of you that are unfamiliar: prolog is a
declarative language (like haskell, but very different in the way it
works). Until now, it has mostly been used as a research tool in
artificial intelligence (theorem proving, knowledge representation,
etc.) However, I believe it has a lot of potential to be used for
desktop applications too. Haskell too, for example, has also proven to
be a success for end-user applications (gtk+ bindings exist). I think
prolog is just a breeze to program in, and I would love to push it
further! Specifically, by implementing GTK+ bindings for this language
myself, as a Google Summer of Code project. Implementing all functions
would probably be too much work for a 3-month project, but it could
certainly deliver a basic subset, as a basis for myself and other
developers to continue working on later.

It should take much less than 3 months. I've implemented exhaustive
GTK+ bindings for a language I'm designing in a couple of days.

Then your bindings most likely really really suck.

internal API representation suitable for use by a generator program
can be automatically obtained:

	- for types and methods, by parsing the C headers

You'll get incomplete information which is far from enough.

	- for properties and signals, by using GLib introspection
	  mechanisms such as g_object_class_list_properties()

Regarding the usefulness: I would say that for general-purpose
programming, Prolog is useless, and so would be your bindings.

I bet it would be no less useful than the language
you are designing.


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