PyGTK 2.12.0 released

PyGTK 2.12.0 is now available for download at:

gtk+-2.12.0.tar.bz2   md5sum: e9c280afec29b11772af5a7c807abf41
gtk+-2.12.0.tar.gz    md5sum: f2534dfaabb3dcff6da04976ef8d486e

pygtk-2.12.0.tar.bz2  md5sum: 3c1a42b774600c353342cfa3782a7d77
pygtk-2.12.0.tar.gz   md5sum: 627d5c7c8dd11ef3643e7785c30a8227

What is PyGTK

GTK is a toolkit for developing graphical applications that run on
systems such as Linux, Windows and MacOS X. It provides a comprehensive set
of GUI widgets, can display Unicode bidi text.  It links into the Gnome
Accessibility Framework through the ATK library.

PyGTK provides a convenient wrapper for the GTK+ library for use in
Python programs, and takes care of many of the boring details such as
managing memory and type casting.  When combined with PyORBit and
gnome-python, it can be used to write full featured Gnome applications.

Like the GTK+ library itself PyGTK is licensed under the GNU LGPL, so is
suitable for use in both free software and proprietary applications.  It
is already in use in many applications ranging from small single purpose
scripts up to large full features applications.

What's new in PyGTK+ 2.12

PyGTK 2.12 adds significant new functionality while maintaining
source and binary compatibility with PyGTK 2.10. Highlights of
new features and improvements from PyGTK 2.12 are:


 GTK+ 2.12 brings a completely new tooltip implementation which
 allows many things that were not possible before. Tooltips
 can be placed on insensitive widgets and on treeviews.
 They can contain rich markup, or even arbitrary widgets.

Interface builder support

 gtk.Builder can generate user interfaces from XML descriptions
 which are very similar to glade files. Going beyond the
 capabilities of libglade, gtk.Builder can also construct objects
 which are not widgets, such as tree models.

New widgets and objects

 * gtk.VolumeButton, a volume control for multimedia applications
 * gtk.ScaleButton, the base class for gtk.VolumeButton
 * gtk.RecentAction, an action that represents a recent-files list

Where to get more information about PyGTK

Information about PyGTK including links to documentation can be
found at:

Common questions:

Overview of Changes from PyGTK 2.11.0 to 2.12.0

The GTK+ Team:

 Gustavo Carneiro, Johan Dahlin, John Finlay
 Christian Robottom Reis

Special thanks to:
Gian Mario Tagliaretti
Paul Pogonyshev

Thanks to everybody else who has contributed to PyGTK+ 2.12.0:

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