Re: GTK+ Website Review - draft 2


It might be an idea to link the list items in the "Interfaces" and
"Foundations" section of the features page to the relevant parts of the
API documentation on That is, unless the features
page isn't meant for programmers.

You might also want to insert some more whitespace into the area at the
top; it looks a little crowded to me. Perhaps a line underneath the page
title would help stop it merging in with section headings. :-)


On Sun, 2007-09-16 at 13:51 +0100, Martyn Russell wrote:
> Hi,
> I finally got round to finishing these pages for a second review.
> You can test the latest version here:
> I have changed a few things compared to draft 1 which I initially did:
>   - Fixed the pages so they work on devices like the N800.
>   - Fixed all the typos/comments that I received from the first review.
>   - Keep the menu on the left all times for quick navigation.
>   - Add a sub-menu for each page for quick "jump-to" links.
> I have tested these pages with:
>   - Windows Internet Explorer 7
>   - Safari (Windows beta)
>   - Firefox (Windows/Linux)
>   - Epiphany
>   - N800.
> It has to be said, that the pages do vary slightly from browser to
> browser. Initially I went for a much smaller text but Tim convinced me
> it was a bad idea and that we should use content text at 100% size not
> 60% which I had tried. This does mean that in Firefox (especially on
> Windows) the text does look a bit bloated.
> Of the pages the current issues left outstanding are:
>   - We should have a better way of sharing future ideas (dev page)
>   - Is linking to a directory for old irc logs good enough?
>   - Should we change the logo (I don't mind either way)?
>   - Rework the FAQ (I will do this after so ignore that for now).
>   - Redirections for links like are needed.
>   - Update the news page (will do this before committing).
> What are peoples thoughts on those?
> Have I missed anything?
> Does anyone have any other general comments?

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