GTK+ Website Review - draft 2


I finally got round to finishing these pages for a second review.
You can test the latest version here:

I have changed a few things compared to draft 1 which I initially did:

  - Fixed the pages so they work on devices like the N800.
  - Fixed all the typos/comments that I received from the first review.
  - Keep the menu on the left all times for quick navigation.
  - Add a sub-menu for each page for quick "jump-to" links.

I have tested these pages with:

  - Windows Internet Explorer 7
  - Safari (Windows beta)
  - Firefox (Windows/Linux)
  - Epiphany
  - N800.

It has to be said, that the pages do vary slightly from browser to
browser. Initially I went for a much smaller text but Tim convinced me
it was a bad idea and that we should use content text at 100% size not
60% which I had tried. This does mean that in Firefox (especially on
Windows) the text does look a bit bloated.

Of the pages the current issues left outstanding are:

  - We should have a better way of sharing future ideas (dev page)
  - Is linking to a directory for old irc logs good enough?
  - Should we change the logo (I don't mind either way)?
  - Rework the FAQ (I will do this after so ignore that for now).
  - Redirections for links like are needed.
  - Update the news page (will do this before committing).

What are peoples thoughts on those?
Have I missed anything?
Does anyone have any other general comments?


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