GVfs status report - Sep 14

Since the last report I've mainly been working on the sftp backend,
which now is mostly working. There are some minor details left which can
be seen in the TODO list at the top of "gvfsbackendsftp.c".

To help with the sftp backend I also added GDataInputStream and
GDataOutputStream to gio. These helper streams makes it easy to read and
write binary data.

I have also imported gio and gvfs into the Gnome subversion repository.
gio is in the "gio-standalone" module ("gio" is an unrelated dead old
module), and gvfs is in the "gvfs" module. The plan is to do releases
from "gio-standalone" and have people start using it, and at some point
when we feel ok with the API it will be moved over to the glib module,
and the pkg-config file renamed from gio-standalone.pc to gio.pc and the
API frozen. (It will be totally frozen by the time glib is released with
it, but slushy frozen when moved to glib).

I've also done some minor cleanup from responses to my latest status

My ongoing plan is to branch nautilus next week, making one 2.20 branch,
then head for 2.21 and a separate branch for converting nautilus to use
libgio instead of gnome-vfs. Hopefully this will lead to:
* Testing and bugfixing of gio and gvfs
* Verification of the gio API being easy to use and having all the
  features needed
* Integration of gio and its mount system with the desktop so that other
  apps can start using gio in a nice way

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