Re: Looking up icons

On 9/2/07, Trond Gundersen <trondsg gmail com> wrote:
> Hi
> I'm trying to display icons for the .desktop file entries in
> /usr/share/applications. Of course I am looking for a built-in (or easy) way
> of selecting the correct icon. The icons will displayed in a list, so they
> can not be larger than the requested size, as one larger icon will destroy
> the entire table layout. The exact pixel size isn't all that important.
> If I simply use gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file() with the value of the Icon field
> from the .desktop file, most icons are not found. Bluefish, Geany and GIMP's
> icons are found, though, because they are written with the full path. Also I
> can't control the size (although I can scale the icons afterwards).
> If I use gtk_icon_theme_get_default() followed by gtk_icon_theme_load_icon()
> then many icons are still not found, including Bluefish, Geany and GIMP!
> Quite a lot of the other icons are found, though, but there still is a
> severe problem. When I ask for icons at size 16 the icons for GnomeBaker and
> Transmission comes out at 32x32 and destroys the layout. When I ask for
> icons at size 22 or 24 those two icons comes out at 48x48. If I specify 32
> the icon is sized at 64x64. If I specify 48 the icons are 100x100. If I
> specify 100 the icon is scaled up to a blurry and massive 256x256!
> Unfortunately I can't simply specify 16 when I want 32 because all the other
> icons are scaled correctly.
> Surely there must be a working icon lookup function in GTK+ as all but the
> most basic programs will need to show icons? What can I do to get all the
> icons at reasonable sizes?

You need to show us some code in order for us to be able to spot the problem...

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