some bugs that would nice to get fixed for GNOME 2.20


I'm not sure when GTK 2.12.0 is due but there is some annoying bugs with
2.11 at the moment and people on IRC said it would be nice to make a
list and send it on the mailing-list

"gtkcupsutil.c won't build with cups 1.3"

the is a patch attached to make GTK build with cups 1.3 (Debian and
Ubuntu already updated to it)

"Open with menu has no effect"

the submenu are broken at the moment (work with right click though)

"Openoffice and flash run into a deadlock when used with KDE"

the new GTK breaks some applications (like the non free flash pluing)
which don't call gtk_init correctly, the bug has been closed as
NOTGNOME, I've attached a workaround patch to the bug we use for Ubuntu

"Resizing columns is chaotic"

there is a patch attached to the bug, would be nice to get fixed this

"Highlighting a suggestion with the keyboard changes the URL entry in
Epiphany; breaks Smart Bookmarks"

the bug has some patches and that would make epiphany nicer

"Documentation has broken cross-referencing"

bug #432991 on pango was similar and has been fixed by using
--disable-doc-cross-references to make the tarball


Sebastien Bacher

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