Re: XGetWindowAttributes: 1x1 pixel for GTK apps?

On 9/4/07, Adenilson Cavalcanti <savagobr yahoo com> wrote:
> ps: by the way, is there any reason for GTK+ being different from other
> toolkit in this issue?

It's 100% normal and permitted for X apps to move the focus to
internal widgets rather than leaving it on the toplevel, though it's
less common now days then in the early days of X.

GTK+ uses this "locally active" focus model to deal as a workaround
for focus issues when embedding out-of-process children. X has a
misfeature in the spec that if the pointer is over a child of the
focus widget, events are sent to that child rather than the focus

I think you'd find when actually embedding children with XEMBED you'd
get the same behavior for Qt; the technique was originally proposed by
the Trolltech folks; GTK+ just uses it all the time rather than

- Owen

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