Re: using dbus in the platform

On Thu Oct 18 22:08, Alp Toker wrote:
> Anyway, I'm going to leave further discussion in this thread to 
> application developers and distributors, since my opinions are always 
> going to be biased towards standardisation of D-Bus as a protocol rather 
> than an implementation, which may or may not be what the wider developer 
> community wants.

I would just like to say I concur with Alp on the subject, but then I
think of GTK+ as a GUI toolkit. If the GTK+ authors wish to make it
something else then this of course their prerogative, but I would expect
many people to be surprised by this. I certainly would expect many
people to want to write apps in a toolkit-integratable way but without
depending on GNOME. Using GTK would seem to be the way to do this, but
not if it will effectively become GNOME.

I also agree that D-Bus should be standardised as a protocol rather than
an implementation. I believe it's the only way to make it a universal
standard, rather than something some people happen to use.


D-Bus Java

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