Re: gtk_show_help and gtk_show_url

Havoc Pennington wrote:

I had a random thought at the summit; what if we add a new library in the stack (perhaps shipping with GLib or GTK tarball, I don't know). Call it libgapplication. It would contain:

  - GApplication
  - GSettings
  - dbus main loop hooks
  - ...

Session management?

It would depend on GObject, dbus, gvfs, dconf but be below GDK, Cairo, and Pango (i.e. no graphics).

Do we want to push other parts of what we have in GTK+ today "down" to that library?

I guess this is a direct analog of libgnome, really.

Maybe a bad idea; we can cram all this stuff elsewhere, either in GTK or in dbus or in gvfs.

Not necessarily a bad idea, at least as long as a CORBA and Bonobo dependency can be avoided, which I hope is not planned.


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