Re: Gtk on Embedded Device Query

Sven Neumann wrote:

On Thu, 2007-11-29 at 19:44 +0530, Saroj Kumar wrote:

Anyhow I have to use this system for my application. I agree that this
system is having slow processor speed. But lower than this
configuration, processors running on mobile devices performing well in
terms of GUI. So, I thought gtk+ (gtk-directfb) will help me in

GTK+-DirectFB is only a solution if the graphics chips you are using is
supported by DirectFB. DirectFB has software fallbacks that allow it to
run on all kind of hardware, but if you want to use it on an embedded
device than you first need to make sure that the graphics hardware is
fully supported by DirectFB. If it isn't, and you don't have the
resources to develop a graphics driver for it, then you might have more
luck with other backends such as X11.

I agree with Sven's analysis and i add that, leaving out performance and resources consumption considerations, Gtk-DFB is a valid option only in the case a single/few applications are meant to be run on the considered device (tat was actually the case of the graphical debian installer). Otherwise, if many Gtk applications are meant to be run in a desktop-like scenario, the best option is still Gtk/X11 + Xserver or XDFB rather than Gtk/DFB + DFB due to fact that at GTK/DFB is not yet as mature as GTK/X11 in terms of implemented functionalities.


Attilio Fiandrotti

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