Re: Gtk on Embedded Device Query

2007/11/29, Saroj Kumar <saroz kumar gmail com>:
> Hi ,
> Thanks for the reply.
> Anyhow I have to use this system for my application. I agree that this
> system is having slow processor speed. But lower than this configuration,
> processors running on mobile devices performing well in terms of GUI. So, I
> thought gtk+ (gtk-directfb) will help me in this.


> Now it seems that gtk+ is not suited for embedded devices.

Note that I didn't say that, nor do I believe it. I just listed things
that *contribute* to the overall slowness (usually more than you'd

> Or is there any way to make it work fast.
> <The Main problem here is while drawing gtk widgets on screen my CPU usage
> goes upto 92%. Any button press in window also make CPU usage more.>

That's the part which needs profiling. In order to fix GTK+ to be
blazingly fast, you'd need to figure out where exactly it is slow.
That is somewhat hardware dependant, since different hardware has
different areas where they suck, so you will not find a single answer

Any effort to "make it work fast" (where "it" might be GTK+, Pango,
cairo, etc) would be highly appreciated of course, there's even a
dedicated list for that (though it spans more than just those
mentioned and has been sadly somewhat quiet lately):

Kalle Vahlman, zuh iki fi
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