Re: Gtk on Embedded Device Query


> Thanks for the reply.
> Anyhow I have to use this system for my application. I agree that this
> system is having slow processor speed. But lower than this configuration,
> processors running on mobile devices performing well in terms of GUI. So, I
> thought gtk+ (gtk-directfb) will help me in this.

Depending on your framebuffer implementation and screen size this might not be
the case as gtk-directfb is not as mature as gtk+ on X11.

> Now it seems that gtk+ is not suited for embedded devices. Or is there any
> way to make it work fast.
> > > > > I am running gtk+ application on an embedded board (PXA255 processor
> > with
> > > 400MHz speed) running Linux.

Gtk+ works fine on embedded systems. Especially a PXA255 at 400Mhz should be
able to deal with it easily. Lots of systems based on this cpu work fine with
GPE ( which is coded using GTK+. Also the Nokia
internet tablets are all using GTK+ and some of them have less CPU power
available than a PXA255. The PXA255 bus can be overloaded sometimes with
peripherals etc, but that should mainly slow down application loading, not

> <The Main problem here is while drawing gtk widgets on screen my CPU usage
> goes upto 92%. Any button press in window also make CPU usage more.>

This is very weird, I would believe this is caused by directfb that seems to
have a hard time to communicate with your framebuffer. Maybe you should try
X11 also.

Also Openembedded (build system) and Maemo (Nokia's Linux for their internet
tablets) have some patches to GTK+ that should make GTK+ require less CPU.


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