Reusing a same widget in different notebook pages


I have trouble with reusing a same widget in different notebook pages.
It worked for gkt+ 2.8 or prior, but not for gtk+ 2.10 or later.

More detailed explanation of the issue and a example code to reproduce
this issue are filed in bugzilla.

If gtk_notebook_real_remove is directly called from
gtk_notebook_rmeove_page as in ver 2.8,
it will be solved. However, from gtk+ 2.10, gtk_notebook_rmeove_page
seems to be doing more than what it does in gtk+ 2.8.

So my question is, emitting signals and removing a page directly from
gtk_notebook_rmeove_page will cause any new problems? If not, I hope
gtk+ to behave in such a way.

Koichi Momma

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