Re: RFC: Gtk+ testing utilities

On Mon, 19 Nov 2007, Stefan Kost wrote:

Tim Janik schrieb:

the logic from the makefile might be useful to factor out into a script
for other GUI projects though, since it involved quite some tweaking to
handle missing Xvfb gracefully, find free display ids and provide
error messages on errors.

Yep, My code had to pass several revision to mature. E.g. its good to cleanup
dead display and lock files. While looking at your code, it seems you use
display ids ranging from 101-199, is that right (did not know this would work).

yes, and via shell traps, the Xvfb is killed away if everything (program,
make, etc.) crashes. so it'll efectively never leak Xvfb server processes
(which is likely to happen with if test apps spawn Xvfb away themselves and crash).

also, the Xvfb presence is simply checked in the makefile, so we don't need to
depend on configure time checks and could conceivably exchange it for Xnest/
Xephyr/etc via environment variables.



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