Re: RFC: Gtk+ testing utilities


Tim Janik schrieb:
> hey All.
> first, a quick update on the GLib testing framework. allmost all of it
> has been implemented at this point and is available here:
> we're currently working on finishing the documentation. and now that glib
> has been branched, we'll look into integrating it into upstream next week.
> below is the proposed API for Gtk+ testing utility functions.
> they are mostly derived from the needs to automate user interaction
> tests of dialogs and widgets.
> a myriad of other functions could of course also be useful for testing,
> but those are probably best found out and added to Gtk+ as time passes
> and specific needs arise.
> this basic set should be good enough to navigate and operate most
> dialogs programatically.
> the following is just a very brief API wrap up, attached is a Gtk+ program
> that implements and documents this API and has a bunch of example
> test cases to test this API. the attached test program is not yet dependant
> on the new glib testing framework, so it's easier for people to try out.
What about Xvfb support? I have 4 funtions in buzztards check test suite:
void check_setup_test_server(void)
void check_setup_test_display(void)
void check_shutdown_test_display(void)
void check_shutdown_test_server(void)

The _server() launch/kill Xvfb and the _display() ones create/destroy a default
display there. Avoid visual clutter and is very usful for running tests on
headless servers (

There is also a screenshot method, which is useful to have a human looking at
the dialog shots after the tests runs (or for inclussion in docs).


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