Re: Merging gio into glib

Alexander Larsson wrote:
This seem like a totally backwards implementation. You're enforcing a
weird non-native dependency on dbus for windows. A better approach would
be to have a platform independent api for notification (possibly in
Gtk). This api would then have a unix implementation, and a win32
implementation. There is no reason at all for the win32 implementation
to use dbus. If there is no exposed win32 apis for doing notification
the best approach would imho be to implement those using win32 native
APIs (i.e. DCE/COM/OLE, not depending on dbus at all).

D-Bus over named pipes on Windows solves the same issues as D-Bus over UNIX sockets, and provides an elegant solution for porting necessary Freedesktop infrastructure to Windows without having to write a whole new platform, which nobody's going to do. I've worked extensively with OLE, COM and even DDE (guessing that's what you meant), and don't really understand what you're suggesting we do with them, and why D-Bus isn't a better choice.

I also think this thread is getting pretty stale, but thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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