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--- Begin Message --- I'd like to know about this too. Too be honest I haven't noticed any progress on this for the past year. I could very much be wrong tho. There have been numerous attempts in the past to port GTK+ to the Mac, they all died half way. I'd hate to see this one die too. The easiest way to get people working on this is to apply for Google's summer of code, however, that didn't happen for whatever reason. For a project this complicated, it's really hard to attract developers if there's not a mentor or a Cocoa/GTK guru available for guidance.


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Hi Martyn (+ GTK list),

I know you're probably not the one to ask this, but maybe someone at
Imendio knows, so I keep this short.

I program a lot using (Py)GTK, and the one thing worrying me most right
now is its support for Mac OS X.  I don't get much info about its status
from the developer.imendio.com pages.  Do you have any hints on the
activities around it?  Are there people working on it (is it going
somewhere) or not?  Is it more at an early stage, or are the remaining
issues fixable within (let's say) months by one or two developers?

Background: I'm a student (Theology, not CS) and won't be able to work
on it (and also I don't know anyone who could) - it's mostly curiosity.
 (Still interested in gtk-web though :) )

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