Re: gtk+directfb whitout keyboard?

Jorge Berzosa ha scritto:

I cross compiled GTK+-2.10.10 with Directfb-1.0.0 for an embedded board without keyboard. When I tun the gtk-demo program I get: (#) DirectFBError [gdk_display_open: GetInputDevice]: Requested ID not found!

I have changed the code like this with the hope that the program wont crass:
ret=directfb->GetInputDevice (directfb, DIDID_KEYBOARD, &keyboard);

if (ret != DFB_OK){
    //DirectFBError ("gdk_display_open: GetDisplayLayer", ret);
  DirectFBError ("gdk_display_open: GetInputDevice", ret);
  //layer->Release (layer);
  //directfb->Release (directfb);
     //return NULL;
But as I expected this trick doesnt work. I get the error:
Gdk-DirectFB-ERROR **: file ../../../gdk/directfb/gdkkeys-directfb.c: line 1980 (gdk_keymap_get_for_display): assertion fail)

Is there posible to have gtk+directfb without keyboard if Im not going to use it?

Thanks in advance , and sorry for my English

What if you play with directfb's input modules? you could try handling input devices via the linux_input module by adding


to your directfbrc file

please also checkout gtk+ trunk or branch gtk-2-10: official gtk+ releases up to 2.10.12 have a directfb backend not up to date, should be fixed in upcoming 2.10.13.


Attilio Fiandrotti

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